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Superintendent's All Call
8245 Tallmadge Road
Ravenna, Ohio 44266 330-654-5841 ext. 1201

December 3, 2020

Good evening Pirate Family. It is with great difficulty that I deliver this message. We were trying to continue having students on campus as long as possible with our staff. However, with Portage County going purple today due to the recent surge in cases and hospitalizations as well as recommendations from the P.C. Health Department, it has made having students on campus more difficult. We not only have the community spread concern but also the difficulty of finding enough substitutes for staff members who are being quarantined. I have spent hours this morning and afternoon in meetings with our administrative team. They along with our staff  would also like students to be able to continue on campus and I'm sure most of you do as well. Unfortunately, we believe the safest and most educationally sound decision at this point is to move to remote learning on Wednesday, December 9-Tuesday, December 22. The plan is to have group B in tomorrow and then group A on Monday. This will give us an opportunity to see and meet with each student and prepare them for our remote learning plan. Also, to allow the students to gather all of their necessary materials. We will use Tuesday, December 8 as a staff only report day to give our staff time to finalize plans for the remote learning model. Once again, students will begin learning remotely on Wednesday, December 9. We will address our plans for after the winter break in a couple weeks as we monitor the latest developments with the virus. We understand that this decision will be a hardship for some of our families and we never take these decisions lightly. Thank you for your continued flexibility and support. Go Pirates!   Review: Friday, December 4 (Group B) Monday, December 7 (Group A) Tuesday, December 8 (Staff Report - no school for students) Wednesday, December 9-December 22 (Remote Learning)

IMPORTANT - Our remote learning plan for each building will be posted on the school website tomorrow afternoon.