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2019-2020 SUPPLY LIST

 3rd Grade 

2 boxes of tissues
1 rolls of paper towels(girls only)
 book bag
box of crayons OR colored pencils
4 glue sticks
4 dozen pencils (1 dz. per 9 weeks)
12 dry erase markers per quarter
1 pkg. note cards
zippered pencil pouch
4 pack of highlighters
 2-wide-ruled spiral notebooks (different colors/designs)
 3  plastic two-pocket folders
 2 three-prong two-pocket folders
 1 two-pocket folder for music class
2 large disinfecting/Clorox wipes 
 hand sanitizer(boys only)
  Ziploc 1 gallon bags (girls only)
  Zip sandwich bags (boys only)
 2 composition notebooks


4th Grade

colored pencils or crayons or thin markers
1 box tissues / paper towels( per 9 weeks)
1 pack loose leaf wide-ruled notebook paper (per 9 weeks)

1 composition notebooks wide ruled (reading)

4 dozen  pencils (1 dozen per quarter)
4 heavy duty plastic folders
zippered supply pouch
white school glue or glue stick
book bag - no wheels
6 dry erase markers ( per nine weeks)
1 disinfecting wipes
 quart zip lock bags (boys only)
gallon ziploc bags (girls only) 
large pink eraser

5th Grade

4 packs of #2 pencils (1 per 9 weeks)
eraser caps/erasers
1 package loose-leaf notebook paper
glue/glue stick(8) 2 per 9 wks)
markers, crayons, colored pencils(pick 2)
one 2" binder for math
1 two pocket folder for music class
small supply box
 2-4 boxes of tissues 
1 package dry erase markers
 1  disinfecting wipes
 2 rolls paper towels
2-five subject spiral notebooks w/folders for reading/language
1 box of gallon size storage bags(boys) 
1 box of sandwich size storage bags(girls) 
2 spiral notebooks (1 for science/ 1 for math)
5 two pocket folders-red/ reading, blue/math, orange/social studies, yellow/ science, green/ homework 
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